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We are a dietary supplement company that provides specific supplements to help reduce the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and allied neurological conditions. We specialise in a total supplement solution to support your immune and nervous systems including three different high strength Biotin products. Helping improve your quality of life through the use of dietary supplements is our aim.

Enjoy time with your familfStaying at the forefront of MS research is a priority and has established our brand of Biotin products. Our flag ship products are the  MS-Biotin Complex  and the  MS-Biotin Probiotic.  Use in conjunction with our other supplements, you can be assured your immune and nervous systems are getting what they need. It has long been know the importance of the B group vitamins in maintaining a healthy nervous system. If these don't suit your desire try our plain Biotin product, MS-Biotin Boost on our products page. 

All our ingredients are sourced from leading suppliers who meet strict quality control criteria. We insist all powders we use are supplied with certificates of analysis. Our Biotin is Pharmaceutical grade and is certified greater that 99% biologically active D-Biotin. MultipleSupplements are manufactured in a state of the art facility in New Zealand with the highest independently audited quality and hygiene controls.


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What is Biotin? It is one of the B group, water-soluble, vitamins. Known as Vitamin B7 and, in some countries, Vitamin H. It has been shown to help with fatigue and possibly neural signal strength and is theorised could aid in remylination of nerves. Both, of which, help improve neural transmission and thereby reduce the peripheral symptoms of MS and potentially other aligned Neurological diseases. 

View My Research page for more information on Vitamins that are involved in building strong nerves and nervous systems, or contact us with a specific question. 



We ship worldwide. All prices are charged in New Zealand Dollars. Check with your credit card or paypal account for exchange rates. 

All our products are New Zealand made from local and imported ingredients. All ingredients are of high quality and supplied with certificates of analysis.

What are our customers are saying:


Lesley - New Zealand - Using MS-High Biotin

Commenting on our Subscription service; "Thanks Alan and team, love this order system one less thing for me to think about. Keep warm. Lesley" 
JULY 2018

Andrea - USA - Using MS-Biotin Complex 

"The enteric coated Biotin does seem to be working better for me. The problem is that if I have energy at all, I overdo it because I’m so behind on everything. Then, the next day, I can’t do anything despite having taken it. So I need to figure that out lol. Thank you!!! "
JULY 2018

Fiona - Australia - Using MS Biotin Complex  and MS-Probiotic

"I have been taking MS Biotin Complex and your Probiotic for 7 months now. I love it. My fatigue is almost non existent (only notice on humid days) and my nails and hair grow so fast . Thank you for a high quality supplement." - FEB 2018

Graham - Australia - Using MS-Biotin Boost

“Sincere thanks for your quick reply and assistance. As I said before I’m very impressed with your company and will continue to spread the good word about your company and products" - JAN 2018

Mateja - Slovenia - Using MS-Biotin Complex

"In these two moths, since I started to take it, I found it very helpful for my MS symptoms, ie. fell less fatigue, have more energy during the day to do different things like before, less bladder symptoms. That is a huge positive result for me and I am really glad that I found your products. I will continue taking it because I really found to have  positive results with it!" - March 2017

Chris - UK - Using MS-Biotin Complex

"... while I have my limitations and impairment caused by the disease ..... on a day to day living front ..... I no longer feel totally crushed by the illness...." Listen to the entire audio file here (6m21s) - FEB 2017

Lorraine - UK - Using MS-Biotin Probiotic

"I found 2 x 75 mg Biotin Probiotic improved my fatigue within a couple of days, even though I had been taking 300 mg of Biotin Powder for about 6/12 months, I found that my body has responded to the tablets far better.  As the tablets only contain 75mg, plus a probiotic filler,  I am able to have control, without the mess of measuring powder and more accurately monitor my response to very small quantities.  I am petite - weighing approximate 40 kg, so have found 150 mg daily intake works well at the moment." - JAN 2017

Jannike - Norway - Using MS-Biotin Boost

"Again - thanks a lot for your urgent handling on the matter - proven to me buying from the other side of the world - literally - that you are an excellent vendor!!" - DEC 2016

Zuhair - Canada - Using MS-Biotin Boost

"Thanks for the prompt response (Wow, Amazing good people u r)." - DEC 2016

Becky - US - Using MS-Biotin Complex

"Thank you so very much!  These supplements are amazing!! I appreciate all your efforts to keep them affordable." - DEC 2016

"I really appreciate these supplements.   I have noticed an improvement in my energy level.  I hope to have the vitamin D level retested soon.  Thanks you for all you do to make these supplements a reality!!" NOV 2016

Susan - US - Using MS-Biotin Complex

"Love the product...helping with my fatigue."

Sally - UK - Using MS-Biotin Complex

"I am finding these really help me a lot.  They lift my mood and I have much more energy."

Jackie - UK - Using MS-Biotin Complex

"Many thanks for the information, I have just placed my first order. After some research, I have decided that your product is the best value for what I need; it will enable me to stop taking some of the supplements which I currently take as they form part of the Biotin Complex. I have taken out on going subscription to help keep costs down. Thank you again for your help." 

Kathy - US - MS-Biotin Complex

"Thank you, Alan.  I didn't see a previous inquiry from you, but this is exactly right.  So appreciate your attention. 

I am amazed at the change in energy level with the Biotin even before getting to the 300 mg daily level.  Think I am human again."

Lisa - Canada - on MS-Biotin Complex

"I am starting to feel much better the last couple of days .  I feel a real difference in my thinking and my eyesight. I really like the ms Biotin complex and I feel you are really onto a great thing.  I no longer need a nap.  I have also tried l arginine  and Vinpocetine vitamins as well . I found these vitamins on someones blog. I feel awesome  compared to how I used to.   Thankx !!

Cary - USA - on MS-Biotin Complex

"Thanks for being out there and making this product available to us and please sign me up for a subscription. Looking forward to trying this out. Crossing my fingers and toes.

One Month Later - 

"Your Biotin has been extremely helpful in arresting my (almost) nightly leg spasms. Since taking it, they have disappeared. It has been a wonder supplement for this. I have not noticed a change in my disability scale but the help with the leg spasms is HUGE! I am also sleeping better than I have in years."

 Andrew - New Zealand - on MS-Biotin Probiotic

"I've been taking the MS-Biotin probiotic capsules for about 6 weeks now and I feel great and I have had no bad side effects. I feel as though I am noticing a difference in my walking and balance in terms of how far I can walk and also where I want to put my feet when i'm walking. I was diagnosed with RRMS at the end of 2006 and slowly got worse over time. At the start of this year I had HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation) treatment and I believe that this has stopped the MS activity in my body, however I still have damaged nerves that need repairing and I believe the high dose biotin has a role to play in this process. My neurologist was very pleased when I told him that I had started taking high dose biotin for nerve repair because of the promising recent studies that he had read up on. I'm looking forward to the future and what's to come.

Sarah - Australia

"The fog has lifted!


Our Products


Our Flag Ship product.
An extensive B vitamin complex with other vitamins and nutrients. Contains 75mg Biotin and 1500IU of D3 in every capsule. To be paired with our probiotic blend and Magnesium formulation. 


MS-Biotin Boost 
is straight Pharmaceutical grade d-(+)-biotin with a rice flour filler.


One of our corner stone products. If you have a weak gut or suffer from IBS and want extra Biotin (Vitamin B7, H) in your diet then this one is for you.


Best combo for a compromised gut. All round support for Nervous and Immune systems. 
Buy them together and get a discount off individual prices.


My wife and I have put together  dietary supplements to help fortify your nervous system and help reduce the symptoms of MS.

Click here if you would like to read more of my Multiple Sclerosis journey.

Here for information on our research into supplements

And here for info on the dietary supplements you can get from this web site.