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  • Foods to keep you well


    Having been Diagnose with MS back in April 2000 I have tried many of the MS diets. Some of which have helped but have often difficult to follow and not all that pleasant! What I eat now is relatively simple to follow and encorporate a wide range of foods. I even get to have a custard square once a week!

  • Supplements

    Over the years I have found that diet alone is not enough, or at least not enough for me. So I have supplemented my diet. Extra B Vitamins and in particular B7 to help with Cellular Energy Production. Improving Fatigue, Weakness and other symptoms. Magnesium for Spasticity, relaxation and Sleep. Probiotics and Superfoods to improve gut health.

  • Vitamin B7 (H) molecule. Important in providing energy to Neurons.

    My Research

    Read about trials, studies, evaluations and articles published on MS. With particular focus on Diet and Dietary Supplements that can help you Live Well with MS.

    Our modern, intensively farmed and highly processed, diet is often lacking in many of the macro and micro neutrients our bodies need to function properly. Over time, this gets worse and worse.

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