Multiple Sclerosis research articles and thoughts

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Bladder problems with MS

Here at we get asked a lot about ways people can better manage their bladder dysfunction. With bladder problems occurring in 80% of people with MS we think it’s a good topic to re-discuss. Bladder dysfunction can play such a major part of limiting peoples independence, self esteem, increasing fatigue and reducing longterm health.

B group vitamins

The B Group of Vitamins are all water soluble vitamins, meaning they are not stored in the body for later use. This is why it is important to have a diet that necessitates continually replacing Vitamain B so they are available when your body needs them.

Biotin and the French MS trials

Biotin is part of the B-complex group of vitamins which help convert food into fuel. A French Pharmaceutical company is currently running trials on how Biotin effects different symptoms of progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis.

What dose is the right dose and how to take it?

Different people require different dosages. There have been many studies done with their own take on what dosages of Biotin you should take everyday.

The Importance of Delayed Release (DR) Capsules with Biotin

Delayed release capsules are very important. This is because stomach acid can break down Biotin before your body can absorb it.

Biotin - the good, bad and indifferent - how to tell

There are good and bad forms of Biotin. To qualify as pharmaceutical grade, pure Biotin must be greater than 97.5% pure. There are also a lot of other measures it must conform to. can help you with your supplements for MS needs. Call us on +64 21 987678 or email

Biotin and Blood Tests - BE AWARE

The Biotin molecule binds to a molecule called Streptavidin very effectively. Due to this, you should stop Biotin at least 5 days before your blood test.

Impact on me and my MS

Since using the right Biotin, my Multyiple Sclerosis symptoms feel less pronounced.

Vitamin D and the Coimbra protocol

Dr Coimbra has been doing work over the past 15 years with Vitamin D in treating immune diseases, in particular Multiple Sclerosis.

What is ALA and why the interest in MS?

Lipoic acid also known as alpha lipoic acid is an organosulfur derived from caprylic acid. Alpha Lipoic Acid is being trialed or use with Multiple Sclerosis.

Other Useful Links

I've put together some other useful information about recommended intakes for Biotin as well as some information about medical trials.

My Background

Here is some information surrounding my background.

Not sure which vitamins for Multiple Sclerosis to select? can help you with your supplements for MS needs. Call us on +64 21 987678 or email