There is no Nutrition in the food we eat today. We must supplement!

There is no Nutrition in the food we eat today. We must supplement!

There are quite a few MS diets around now and one thing they all have in common is minimising the consumption of simple carbohydrates.  Predominantly Sugars and Starches. Interestingly, Starch is broken down into sugar during digestion and bakers flour (high grade flour) is often as much as 70% starch. Or, should we say 70% sugar once it hits our blood stream! Did you realise a loaf of bread is effectively 70% sugar?

Modern Intensive farming methods (including organic farming) is resulting in fresh foods with no nutritional value or probiotics. Did you know that organic farmers use copper to control undesirable fungi and bacteria. But this also kills those that are desired and keep the soil "alive". 

We are eating food that kills off the good intestinal bacterial that controls our immune system. 

See video.

So what to do?

  1. Eat less simple carbogydrates (that kill probiotics)
  2. Eat more complex carbohydrates (that feed the probiotics)
  3. Supplement you gut Biome with as many probiotics you can get.
  4. Supplement micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

You can read more about this on my research page here.

I challenge you. Do this for 1 year and your MS will have stopped progressing.

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