MS and why we must supplement our Diet

I think it is well overdue that I talk somewhiat on Diet. Can diet alone fix MS?  Yes I believe so, but not easilly. A modern diet HAS TO BE SUPPLEMENTED with certain nutrients that are low of missing in our current, intensively farmed' diet.  I will explain as you read on but if you'd like to skip to my easy MS Diet click here.

There are many MS Diets put forward these days, dating back to Dr Swank in the 50's to more recent diets like the Wahls Protocol which focuses on a Palaolithic diet. [1]

I have tried several, dairy free, gluten free, meat free, fat free the list goes on.... I have even tried them all put together. I have found that when on the diet/s I have generall felt better but they are not a silver bullet for MS. Or, at least not for me! But them maybe I am not facideous enough to have followed them closely enough. They have certain things in common. Not the least of which is they are all Difficult, Extreme and not much fun at all!

Appart from being difficult to follow they have one other thing in common. They all have some form of low carbohydrate component. I say some form because the term carbohydrate covers a wide range of foods.  Most MS societies are now supporting a low carb. diet.[2] Also, more and more evidence is coming to light supporting the benefit of low carb. diets for MS.[3]

Did you know sugars are classed as carbs..  As is starch. Now starch is in interesting one

"So, to minimise sugar intake we have to minimise starch intake. That is all baked goods, potatoes, rice etc.. along with minimising high sugar foods and drinks.  I try an ony consume processed foods with a sugar content under 10% and a carbohydrate content under 15%.  That rules out about 95% of the processed products on our supermarket shelves.

Next, what nutritional value is there in the fresh food products we have access to? Unfortunately less and less these days.

High intensity farming using genetically modified crops with herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers is resulting in dead soil with little or no bacteria or fungi that are needed to grow a nutritious plants. This then flows right through to the meat we eat. What little in the way of good bacteria that we should be eating on our fruit and vegetables it then washed/sterilised from the plant before it hits the supermarket shelf!

We need to continually replace the bacteria in our digestive system along with providing then with an environment where they can survive and multiple. Sugars tend to feed bad bacteria which then over run the good. Resulting in a gut biome with can no longer modulate our immune system."

Alan's MS Diet


  1. Eat less simple carbogydrates (that kill probiotics)
  2. Eat more complex carbohydrates (that feed the probiotics)
  3. Supplement you gut Biome with as many probiotics you can get.
  4. Supplement micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Intensive farming references

  1. Pesticides and herbicides killing not only bad bacteria and fungi but also the good bacteria that sould be in and on our crops.[1] video
  2. High reate of processing removing what little good bacteria is left on our food in an attempt not to "poison" us and keep food looking good for longer.[2]
  3. Flows through to the livestock. Also we only eat the "good" meet (muscle). No longer eat the offal which contains many of the nutrients we need in our diets.[3]
  4. Eat far too much "easy foods". Predominantly baked goods, high in starch and sugars.
    1. Baken good from wheet kernals which, after high levels of processing, contain as much as 70% starch. [4]
    2. Starch starts to be converted to sugar by enzymes in saliva., This conversion continues through digestive system. Adding to the already high levels of added sugars in these "easy foods". EG. can easily double?Triple the sugar content on the "Nutritional lable"
  5. Fertilisers - dumping N,P,K and other minerals on land in an effort to produce more.  Rapidly grows foods with little nutrition. [6]
  6. All negatives flow through to the meat we eat including farmed fish.[7]
  7. These effects also Organic foods that are intensively farmed (all supermarket food).  Aditionally Organic Farmers typically use high levels of Copper to control undesirable pests.  Copper is very bad for MS. Studies have shown copper increases likelyhoiod of developng MS 3 times higher! [8]

What we need

  1. Eat less Simple Carbohydrates - Sugars and starches. Cut down (elliminate for at least 6 months) all baked goods, breads, cakes, biscuites, sweats, lollies, chokolates.... anything made with added sugars, high in dried fruit or starch. Ledd potato, rice...;. all starchy foods. [9]
  2. Eat more Complex Carbohydrates. Vegetables, including skins which contain much of the indigestible fibre we need to feed the good bacteria in out guts (probiotics). [10-high carb diet shown to help with ms]
  3. Take supplements to replace those missing in our highly intensively farmed and processed foods.[MS-Biotin Complex]
  4. Take supplements to relieve symptoms while body reballences. [MS-MAG BOIOST]
  5. Take probiotics to fortify gut biome to reballence immumne system. [MS-Body Boost, P9 and/or MS Probiotic].