The Importance of Delayed Release (DR) Capsules with Biotin

Delayed release capsules are very important. This is because stomach acid can break down Biotin before your body can absorb it.


As my research into biotin has progressed I wondered why MedDay use a substance in their capsules that indicates a controlled release capsule. Hypromellose (hydroxypropyl méthylcellulose) E464. Why would they do this?  Well its quite obvious really.  There is a lot of research on the stability of pure biotin (C10H16N2O3S). It is considered a very stable compound in both acid and alkaline solution. Except when it comes to Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), which readily breaks down pure biotin.  What is the acid in our gastric juices? Yes, HCL! So we are now putting all our biotin products in Delayed Release (DR) capsules which release the contents of the capsule towards the end of the stomach, at the beginning of the small intestine where the biotin can be absorbed without being broken down by the HCL in the stomach. So DR capsules are absolutely critical to maximising the amount of biotin being presented to the small intestine for absorption.

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