COVID 19 Safe


We have been working hard with our suppliers over the past few months to ensure we have enough supply for all our customers. New Zealand is currently in Alert Level 4 lockdown but this will not affect ordering or dispatch.

Our warehousing and logistics are working as usual and are using safe Covid19 practices to ensure we are able to offer you access to all our products and are packing and dispatching these safely. 

During the NZ Level 4 lockdown period no large scale manufacturing will take place meaning some products may be in short supply however there will be alternative products that we could supply. We will be manufacturing short runs where needed to ensure supply to our loyal customers remains uninterrupted. We may restrict sales through the website, enabling stock to be reserved for repeat customers. Please contact us if you want to know more detail or need to reorder and are unable to do so through the website. Email us at: or +64 21 987678.

SHIPPING: Due to the global situation delivery of your orders will take 2-3 times longer than usual. We suggest you take this into account when ordering and have at least one bottle extra.

As always, we offer contact-less supply of all our products.  Stay Well, Stay Strong, Stay Safe.