MS-High Biotin

MS-High Biotin

$48.50 NZD

For extra strength Biotin order MS High-Biotin

This extra strength Biotin contains 100mg (100,000 mcg) of d-Biotin in each capsule.

This product uses standard Pharmaceutical Grade Biotin as opposed to the Ultra High Grade that we use in our other high Biotin products. This is a, cheaper, grade of pure d-Biotin (d-(+)-biotin) similar to that used by other suppliers.

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All of our Biotin is supplied to us with the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and is independently retested to make sure it conforms to USP standards for Pharmaceutical Grade Biotin. Both are available on request.

Read more about the different forms of Biotin here.

Each pot contains 90 vegecaps.

Each vegecap contains: 100 mg (100,000 mcg) d-Biotin (Vitamin B7) other ingredients - rice flour filler, 100% vegetable gelatine capsules, encapsulating aids

Note: We use rice flour as a natural filler where needed unlike other synthetic industry fillers typically used. None of our products are meant for consumption by people under the age of 18.

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Note: Because of the potential for interactions, dietary supplements should not be taken with medication without first talking to an experienced healthcare provider.

ACHTUNG: Deutsche Kunden. Hochfeste Biotinkapseln können nicht mehr einzeln nach Deutschland importiert werden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, um herauszufinden, wie Sie unsere Biotin-Produkte in Deutschland erhalten können. mailen Sie uns: