MS-Biotin Boost

$ 129.95 $ 189.95

Extra strength Biotin capsule.

Each capsule contains 100mg (100,000 mcg) of d-Biotin.  

As with all our Biotin products, the Biotin we use is greater that Pharmaceutical grade d-Biotin (d-(+)-biotin) which is the most biologically available form of Biotin. All our biotin is supplied to us with CoA's conforming to >99% Biologically active d-Biotin.

Read more about the different forms of Biotin here.

Each pot contains 90 vegecaps.

Each vegecap contains;

     100 mg (100,000 mcg) d-Biotin (Vitamin B7)
     other ingredients - rice flour filler, 100% vegetable gelatine capsules,         encapsulating aids

Note: We use rice flour as a natural filler where needed unlike other synthetic industry fillers typically used.None of our products are meant for consumption by people under the age of 18.