Keep Yourself Well Posted on 19 Mar 08:54 , 0 comments

Hi, Alan here from I wanted to talk directly to you as the world is a rapidly changing place at the moment with a lot of uncertainty.
For us with MS and our families, the implications and risk factor is felt greater. I have had lots of emails and phone calls worrying about the supply of our product. Please do not worry, we have product and are available to send this to you. Given that the Covid19 is an unknown for us all, I would recommend you have 1 or 2 months of supplies of all MS medication and supplements incase you need to self isolate. This is the approach I have taken for my health and have tried to get 3 months supply of everything.
Currently, is business as usual and New Zealand is managing the situation well. We are following all the protocols to stay well with good hand washing practises being followed for the business team and my family.
Please I am here if you need any help or want to ask a question.
Stay strong