Wieght based Biotin Dose for MS

Adjust your Biotin Dose

What's right for me may not be right for you

In all the blogs and emailing I do about MS and biotin I have recently noticed a theme that I want to share.

Many people (including myself) are reporting increased spasticity when taking biotin (Vitamin B7) at 300mg/day. Spasticity manifests it two ways. Clonus and Tonus. Clonus is the uncontrollable muscle contractions that result in twitch or jumpiness. Tonus is a partial muscle contraction that results in a stiffness or cramping of the muscles.

Many have reported that Magnesium supplements help and I myself use our MS-Mag Boost to help minimise this.

Lot's of water also seems to help but a more effective thing that seems to be emerging is adjusting your dose of biotin.

There are more and more reports of people taking less than the recommended 300mg/day and still achieving benefits. I have also found this. When I take 4 x 75mg/day my spasticity is really annoying. Even with a lot of Magnesium and water. However when I take 3 x 75mg/day the spasticity seems a lot less but the benefits of better bladder control, less urgency, higher mental alertness, less fatigue are still achieved. If I reduce the dose further, to 2 x 75mg/d (150mg) I find I start to loose the benefits. I have seen reports from others that 100mg of biotin per day is enough for them to feel the benefits. I know 100mg is not enough for me.

I suggest everyone experiment with your dose and find what is right for you.  It may be that it is linked to body weight.  If you feel like letting me know what dose is right for you and what your weight is I would be revery interested in hearing from you. I am currently recomending 2mg/kg body weight.

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