Useful Links

I've put together some other useful information about recommended intakes for Biotin as well as some information about medical trials.

Other Useful Information

I have put a few other links to knowledge on the web that I feel are relevant to my MS diet and dietary supplements below.  Other information I find an updates on the progress I continue to make I will add to my blog.

Over coming MS - George Jellineck. A read I recommend to anyone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. WebSite is here. Which recommends a diet much like Dr Swank but makes it a little easier to follow.

French Biotin Trials with Progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis. Info on the pilot study is here and 1st Stage III trial here. I understand a second Stage III trial is due to finish end 2015.

Biotin is already sold as a dietary supplement at 1000 times the Recommended Daily Intake (10,000 mcg) so it is only a small step to 100,000 mcg.  I also liken it to Vitamin D which is recommended for people with MS to take in high doses well over the Recommended Daily Intake.

Is it safe? I don't know, but it looks like there are probably 1000's of people already taking it by them selves at 300,000 mcg/day. In all my reading I only came across one mention of a "life threatening" case involving Biotin, see here, and as they state, "Because of the potential for interactions, dietary supplements should not be taken with medication without first talking to an experienced healthcare provider."  For me, as I said I feel great and haven't had any issues.  I currently take Copaxone as my disease modifying drug.

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