Getting the most out of your Biotin Supplements!

Getting the most out of your Biotin Supplements!

We are excited to announce a clever enhancement to our range of Biotin (vitamin B7) products!

You won't notice any change to the look of the capsules or the packaging.  The change is in the capsules, in particular how they are absorbed into your body.

Typically when we take pure biotin as a dietary supplement whether in powder form, tablet or capsule, our stomach gets to work straight away by breaking it down with stomach acid.  The problem with that is that by the time the Biotin reaches our small intestine, there is less of it.  That is not ideal because it is in the small intestine that the biotin is absorbed into our body and you get the greatest benefit from it.

The enhancement that we are currently rolling out is to encapsulate all products in our Biotin range in delayed release vegetable capsules.  What the delayed release capsules do is allow more biotin to reach the small intestine to be absorbed and utilised.  That is going to be better for you and the benefit you get from our product.

Our MS-Biotin Boost  is already being produced in this new delayed release capsule form.  Before long our MS-Biotin Complex and MS-Biotin Probiotic will also have this enhancement. 
Thereafter our MS-High Biotin will also start to be produced with this great new feature.

We are sure that you will be as excited as us about this new feature. If you'd like to read more about the science see my research page here:



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