MedDay Pharmaceuticals Trials

As many of you may have heard, MedDay Pharmaceuticals announced that its second Phase 3 clinical trial of MD1003® (high-dose Biotin) in people with progressive MS has failed to meet it’s end points.

Two defined end points were:
1). A one point decrease in EDSS and/or
2) A decrease in the Timed 20’ walk

As far as I am aware they are still analysing the results to see if there are any other take aways from this trial. This may feel like a disappointing result for those of you who have been following the trials. For me its not my, EDSS has decreased a point, my walking distance and speed has increased significantly, plus I have many MS symptoms helped with Biotin.

So, where to next for Biotin and MS. We must remember that the latest trial was even narrower in scope that earlier MedDay trials. This trial only tested people with Non-Active form of Progressive MS. So we now know that 100mg of pure Biotin taken 3 times a day does not yield any statistically significant benefit for people with Non-Active Primary or Secondary Progressive MS.

So why, In MS-SPI, the first trial of MD1003 in progressive MS, study participants taking the vitamin had a significant sustained improvement in disability? Well, firstly the initial trial was not limited to those with Non-Active Progressive MS so perhaps this has something to do with the results.

Personally, the results are not a concern for me as I get a lot from my Biotin supplement. I have been taking higher doses of Biotin for over 5 years now and it is essential for my energy, wellbeing and mental clarity. As I mentioned earlier my EDSS is less and my walking distance has increased along with the speed. Here at we have a huge number of you who take our high dose Biotin and say the same thing. The benefits most reported include less Fatigue, more Energy, more Strength, better Bladder Control and greater Mental Clarity; in summary making lives with MS so much better.

We have also had a lot of feedback on how our biotin products work whilst others result in no benefit or even negative symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset. Why? We refine our biotin and have tried to mimic the trials as closely as possible. I am convinced it is because most of our high Biotin products we use what we call our Ultra Grade of Pure Biotin. This is a Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Biotin that is over 99% pure. It then goes through an extra process which renders it easier for the body to metabolise. We also use slow release capsules, meaning that the Biotin is realised at the right place for maximum absorption; again the only supplier who does this. For many customers we are finding that they don’t need 300mg/day. I only take 225mg/day now (3 x 75mg in our MS-Biotin Complex) and we now recommend the average MS’er take around 2.5mg/kg of body weight of our Ultra Grade Biotin. Read some of our Testimonials here.

So here at we will continue to provide our Ultra Grade Biotin products.

So my advice? If it works for you keep taking it, if you haven't tried it, try it and use the best the MS Biotin Complex.

There is very little risk with Biotin other than messing up some blood test results. As long as your medical practitioner is aware that you take High Dose Biotin and you cease taking it before any test work, then there is no risk.

If you would like to discuss this further please drop me a line.

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