Fatigue Buster!

Fatigue Buster!


Fatigue is reported to affect up to 80% of people with MS.  Here at Multiplesupplements.com we would say it is a lot more. It is our number one question asked by our customers “What can I take to help with my fatigue?” MS-Biotin Complex or MS-Biotin Boost and MS-Lipoic Acid are great starting points.  These products help with inflammation and fatigue and are our top selling products.

Biotin Vitamin B7 to help with Fatigue

  Kathy - USA 

I am amazed at the change in energy level with the Biotin even before getting to the 300 mg daily level.  Think I am human again."

Lisa -Canada

"I am starting to feel much better the last couple of days.  I feel a real difference in my thinking and my eyesight. I really like the MS Biotin complex and I feel you are really onto a great thing.  I no longer need a nap. I feel awesome compared to how I used to. Thankx !!"

Sally - UK 

"I am finding these really help me a lot.  They lift my mood and I have much more energy."


I recently read an interesting article about fatigue and lassitude. I had no idea what lassitude was and hadn't heard this term used, but was pleasantly surprised to find it is used to define MS Fatigue.  

People with MS can experience fatigue that is unrelated to having MS. Other medical conditions and vitamin deficiencies, for example, can cause fatigue. It is important to ensure that your fatigue is a result of your MS and not something else that has a different treatment.

Several different kinds of fatigue occur in people with MS. For example, people who have bladder dysfunction (producing night-time awakenings) or nocturnal muscle spasms, may be sleep deprived and experience fatigue as a result. People who are depressed may also have fatigue. Anyone who needs to expend considerable effort just to accomplish daily tasks (e.g., dressing, brushing teeth, bathing, preparing meals) may also experience additional fatigue as a result.

In addition to these sources of fatigue, there is another kind of fatigue — referred to as lassitude — that is unique to people with MS. 

So what is Lassitude?

Lassitude or "MS fatigue" is different from other types of fatigue in that it:

  • Generally occurs on a daily basis
  • May occur early in the morning, even after a restful night’s sleep
  • Tends to worsen as the day progresses
  • Tends to be aggravated by heat and humidity
  • Comes on easily and suddenly
  • Is generally more severe than normal fatigue
  • Is more likely to interfere with daily responsibilities

MS-related fatigue does not appear to be directly correlated with either depression or the degree of physical impairment.

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