Impact On Me and My MS

Since using the right Biotin, my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms feel less pronounced.


Since using the right (or as far as I can tell) the right Biotin my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms feel less pronounced.  The most significant being my energy levels.  I clearly do not suffer so much from fatigue.  I can work longer hours physically and mentally, and function at a higher level, more like my old self.  Not feeling so fatigued has made me faster, stronger and sharper again, which maybe has also helped with my state of mental wellbeing.  Other side effects from the MS-BIOTIN COMPLEX have all been good. My hair and skin have never looked better!  In fact people have commented on my skin and how much better it looks, and  how it has made me look younger. The small bald batch I have been developing over the past 10 years seems to be diminishing. Most importantly, regarding my MS, I have not felt this good for many years.  I am now taking our MultipleSupplements BIOTIN COMPLEX four times a day and our MultipleSupplements PROBIOTIC formula once a day and recommend this to anyone wanting to try dietary supplements that may help bolster their neurological and intestinal systems.

Our MS-Biotin Complex also contains Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin which is  something that most multivitamin complexes do not contain.

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