Yet another reason for having that coffee

Yet another reason for having that coffee


Now we all know that enjoying a coffee in an outdoor cafe is a true pleasure.  But who would have thought that such an indulgence could be an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

A recent study indicates that it is.  It found that sun exposure during a person’s early adulthood and childhood and daily consumption of coffee were associated with a lower risk of developing MS.

Although the study showed that family history was clearly an important risk factor in whether a person developed MS - a family history of MS made a person more than 5 times more likely to develop MS - other lifestyle choices also affected a person’s risk profile regarding developing MS.

While eating fast food on a regular basis increased the chances of developing MS, the study indicated that good consumption of fruit decreased the risk of developing MS.  Perhaps no surprises there.

However what might be surprising was the link found between having been infected with measles and the risk of developing MS.  It showed that if a person has been infected by measles then he or she was more likely to develop MS than someone who had not.  No doubt something to think about if you are not sure whether to immunise your child against measles.

So the key points to take away from the study?  Less fast food for your kids, more fruit and outdoor playing for them in the sunshine.  Make sure they are immunised against the measles. And when they are old enough to drink coffee, enjoy a coffee in with them outdoors at your local cafe!

Read the full study here


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