The 3D Rotorua Multisport Event - I DID IT!

The 3D Rotorua Multisport Event - I DID IT!

YES I did it!
I completed the Multi-Event

I am focusing on my whole body health this year - through healthy eating, supplements, being mindful of my mental health, and exercising. I have been training hard, and recently completed my first multi-event! 

The 3D Rotorua Multisport Festival 30k event is a 4.5 km Paddle (Kayak), 21 km Mountain bike, and 5.5 km run/walk. 

The day of the event saw terrible weather - windy, raining, cold and very muddy. 

First up was the Kayak - 4.5 kms around the Blue lake near Rotorua. Julie (my trainer) and I completed it in 37 minutes. We were in the second half of the field but a long way from being last. 

The mountain bike leg followed. It was very slippery and steep in parts which many people walked, including Julie and I. We did 25kms in a little under 3 hours. I fell numerous times during this stage, grazing and bruising both legs.

I was now 3.5 hours in and feeling very tired. I still had the 5.5km walk - my weakest link - to complete. 

The walk was over rough terrain in the mud and rain. I knew the walk would be the toughest leg, but I underestimated just how tough it would be. 1km in and I had slowed considerably. My right foot drop was back and my right leg was dragging but I was determined…...  

At the 3km mark, I was physically exhausted. My trainer asked if I wanted to quit, and this spurred me on - it became mind over matter, with my stubborn nature taking over! But it was hard to stand, let alone walk…. 

It was at this stage that I realised I had not taken my second Biotin Complex of the day - I had planned a prepped but forgotten to take it, and boy was I feeling it. 

With 1.5km to go, and the event due to close in 1 hour, I found myself falling regularly, soaking wet and covered with mud. I took my last fall, tripped going down a slight slope and face planted in the mud. I burst into tears, face in the mud. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this! “Come on you, pull yourself together!” I said to myself. With tears running streaks through the mud on my face I gradually rolled over and sat up.

Julie helped me to my feet and I regained my treacherous stagger. Then, like a light through the darkness, my family showed up!

Seeing them actually spurred me on even more.  I told Tabatha I had not taken my vitamins, and Archer offered to run back and get them.  A good country runner he was back with the supplements in about 10 minutes.  I washed down two Biotin Complex with the last of my water. Around 20 minutes after taking the Vitamins I was standing straighter and walking more smoothly.  It was really quite incredible the recovery the supplements had added. I was totally blown away by the results, suddenly the end of this walk was doable again.

I'm proud to say, I did not fall again. With my family spurring me on, I headed towards the finish line. 

Finally….. after 7 hours I crossed the finished line and burst into tears for the second time today. Only this time it wasn’t out of frustration, it was Joy!

My takeaway from this event was I’ve never felt stronger or fitter since having MS.  My mental clarity has been sharper, my fatigue less and most importantly the confidence I now have in my defective body - MS is not going to stop me from doing things. MS might slow you down, but it doesn't have to stop you.  I know I can do more and I must stay on this path, take my supplements every day, and focus on a good diet, and regular exercise.  

Fastest time - 2:18:18
Slowest time - 4:50:21 (not including me and Jewels)
My time - 7:17:57
Julie's time - 7:18:07 (thanks for not letting me cross the line last!! ;-))

Out of 39 entries, 3 did not finish the entire course. But I did!

Thank you to everyone who helped me - whether it was through training, support, or a simple word of encouragement. 

As always, if you have any questions, queries or comments, please feel free to get in touch.  

Stay well,  


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