Introducing ALA, or Lipoic Acid

Introducing ALA, or Lipoic Acid

Lipoic acid

The countdown has begun..

Aug 16th is the date we have set to launch the newest member of our line-up of supplements focused on multiple sclerosis. And what a product it is!

Lipoic acid (also known as alpha lipoic acid) is a powerful antioxidant so it has remarkable benefit for you aside from any MS benefit.  However with regard to MS specifically, it is thought that lipoic acid may have have an anti-inflammatory effect and may alter your immune response in a way that protects you from damage to your nerves (in other words a neuroprotective function).  There are ongoing trials to confirm the link between lipoic acid and those benefits - just have a look at my research page.

The expression ALA can be used as an acronym for alpha lipoic acid and as an acronym for alpha linolenic acid.  Careful, they are not the same thing.  Alpha linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid and is found in flaxseed oil.  Alpha lipoic acid is the exciting new product being added to our splendid range of MS supplements.

So when would you take your Lipoic acid supplement as part of your healthy daily routine?  Good question. No doubt you are already taking one of our Biotin supplements. Biotin and Lipoic acid use the same uptake mechanism in the small intestine and so if you take them together they will interfere with each other’s absorption into your body.  You want to avoid that. So best to separate them with a meal. What I do is take my biotin with a glass of water when I first wake up in the morning. I then take my Lipoic acid just before lunch. Simple.

Come visit us from Aug 16th and buy your Lipoic acid (ALA).




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