Famous people with MS

Actors.  Musicians.  Sportspeople.  People who are famous for being famous.  And just ordinary folk like you and me.  Multiple sclerosis is blind as to who it picks.  It is two million odd hosts worldwide come from all walks of life.

 But when a person with MS is in the media spotlight for being in an industry which is known for exceptional talent, style, charisma or even beauty, it is inspiring to see and hear their approach to the disease.



Take, for example, the child of that omni-present enfant terrible Ozzy Osbourne – Jack Osbourne.  He has said “I will say that without MS, I don’t know if I would have made the necessary changes in my life that have changed me for the better”.


Or Josh Harding, goalie for the Minnesota Wild hockey team.  After finding out he had MS he went on to have the best season of his career.


And then there is actress Selma Blair who, while acknowledging that her MS is a disability, continues to work and perform regularly.

Art Alexakis, lead singer of rock band Everclear, has continued to tour and make new music since being diagnosed.  In his words: “I am just learning how to be the new me.”




Trevor Bayne, NASCAR racing great who was the youngest driver in NASCAR history to win the Daytona 500 back in 2011, told us in 2013 that he had MS. But he kept racing saying “I am in the best shape I've ever been in”.



Soccer footballer Demitrius Omphroy had a similar thing to say when he said “it's not only made me become a healthier person, it's helped me to develop my mental game a lot better”.  But he also went about taking charge and managing the disease with lifestyle changes such as an improved diet and more sleep.


Each of those celebrities is getting on with life and reevaluating their life and putting a focus on their health and well being while being watched by the public.

I for one am pleased I haven't had to do this with the public watching my every move, but have done the same, focused on my health and wellbeing. 

Stay well! Alan


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