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Relapse or Infection? Test for a UTI.

MS-Bladder Test Strips | Relapse or Infection? Test for a UTI.

Relapse or Infection? Test for a UTI.

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Instructions for use
Urine Test Strips
Early detection of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
1. Collect a fresh sample of urine in a clean vessel.
2. Dip test strip into the urine for 1 second, ensuring all test squares are submerged.
3. Test strip will show results within 60 seconds
4. Compare test strip with indicator squares on side of container. Handle of test strip towards top of container.
Results (Important Indicators)
LEU – A purple colour indicates Leucocytes are at higher level than normal suggesting an infection.
NIT – A pink colour indicates Nitrites are present, suggesting Nitrite producing bacteria is present.
MS_Bladder Boost likely effective.
UBG & ERG – Represents Blood in Urine. If significant colour change consult health care professional.



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