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When starting Supplements that are new to you always start them gradually and build up to full dose. This so you do not upset your body.

Biotin Complex: start on one a day before B’fast with a glass of water.  The water is important to aid in the Biotin absorption. Do this for a week. Then increase to two a day for another week. Second one at 7pm'ish again with at least one glass of water. Continue increasing to a maximum of 4/day.  Make note of how your spasticity feels (stiffness/jumpiness) particularly in legs. If you notice this is worse over the week drop back to previous dose.  You may find two capsules/day is enough for you, or you may get all the way to 4/day.

Once you find your best dose fo the Complex add the Magnesium.  Again start with one in the morning, anytime. Wash it down with Bfast or the same time as the Complex with an extra glass of water if you can manage the extra water. Do one capsule/day for a week.  Then increase to one in morning and one in evening for another week then two in the morning and one in evening for another week then two in morning and two in evening.  The magnesium will soften your stools by increasing the dose gradually this should give you gut time to get used to the Magnesium.

Body Boost: again start slowly. 1/2 teaspoon in a smoothy, once a day. Building up to two teaspoons daily. See Smoothy recepies here.


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Some supplements and medicines should not be mixed so consult your health care professional before starting anything new.

Biotin (Vitamin B7) can affect some blood tests resulting in a false test result. Inform your Doctor of this before and tests are performed and stop taking Biotin for 2 days before any testing.

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