Vitamins for MS symptoms and how can help

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Below, founder Alan gives an insight into how his battle with MS led him to helping others support their bodies and minds with supplements such as Biotin.

“I'm Alan, 54, and was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) over 20 years ago. I have three lovely children, aged 14, 12 and 10 and have a wonderful wife of 24 years, who has never given up, challenged everything and been there for every twist and turn of my journey.

I set up to help support others with Multiple Sclerosis. My wife, Tabatha and I saw that we needed to do more than just take the conventional disease modifying drugs to halt my Multiple Sclerosis. I have tried this with varying levels of success and had some serious side effects. Throughout my battle with this disease I have always used DMD's and know that these drugs have slowed the progression of the MS, but not as much as I would like.

It was 10 years ago that Tabatha and I realised that we needed to be doing everything to help me stay strong; to help my body repair itself at a faster rate than the deterioration. We started experimenting with diets and vitamins after reading George Jelinek’s book, one group in particular being a Vitamin B complex. It was at this point we realised supplements are one way to help my body perform better day to day, and to have a better quality of life and more energy.

However, working out what supplements are helping can be difficult. If you are having a relapse, or simply unwell with either a viral or bacterial infection which is often when your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are exaggerated, trying to figure out what makes you feel better is difficult.”

Biotin & MS − and a range of dietary supplements

“It was early 2015 and I was attending a presentation by a Multiple Sclerosis specialist who mentioned Biotin, a little known, nor understood member of the B group of vitamins, but one that was in low levels in the B complex I had been taking for years.

It got me thinking and researching and ultimately putting together my own dietary supplements. I am not a doctor, scientist or nutritionist. I have read widely on Multiple Sclerosis and can only relate what has worked for me. This is where my background in both product and market research and development and my health situation met head on. I have put together a range of dietary supplements for people with MS that I hope will:

  1. Make life a little easier
  2. Help you with your health

I feel the dietary supplements I am now taking are making a huge difference to my strength and energy levels. Since I was diagnosed in April 2000 I have tried most of the MS diets and although I feel some have helped, they are not enough by themselves to make any real difference. Particularly with the poorer quality foods we get from our supermarkets we need supplements.

I am now 53 and I feel faster! More like my old self! I haven't beaten the disease yet, but it hasn't beaten me either.

Good luck with your MS battle.”