A Bit About My Background

Here is some information surrounding my background.

About Me

Born in the UK in 1968 to an English mother and Kiwi father, we emigrated to NZ when I was 12 with my younger brother, two older brothers staying in the UK.

I grew up and was schooled at Auckland Grammar and eventually trained as a mechanical engineer (although I haven't practiced engineering for a long time now!). I met my wife to be and we moved to the clean, green Waikato in the mid 90's where we have been, on and off, ever since. 

I got a job designing rock crushing equipment for a small NZ manufacturer which became part of a large global organisation. I held various roles from product research and development, product Management through to Vice President Sales and Marketing.  I have my name on various patents and have published papers on innovations in NZ. You can read more of my career in my LinkedIn profile if interested. 

I finished up a contract as Vice President of Construction for Metso based in Brisbane Australia towards the end of 2010 and returned to New Zealand. Where I held a number of short term roles involving research, innovation and commercialisation, before setting up my own consulting firm. 

I attribute my success in Engineering research and product development to my incessant need to understand why things are the way they are. Understanding the science behind why things work the way they do.

I now consult to various industries, providing market evaluation, business planning and commercialisation services.  Specialising in businesses wanting to launch new products, services, or open up new markets for existing products.        

The more I read and researched about MS and supplements, the more I needed to know.  This is when I started my serious research into dietary supplements culminating in establishing MultipleSupplements.com.

Thanks for reading.


My quote: Human biochemistry is so incredibly complicated I think it will take a bigger brain that the human brain before it is fully understood

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