What makes Multiplesupplements.com Biotin different? It's the Best!

What makes Multiplesupplements.com Biotin different? It's the Best!

Multiplesupplements.com  have 4 different Biotin options as we know that not all MS’ers are the same.  Different mechanisms work for different people.  It is not a “one fit for all” and not everyone has the same amount of financial capacity.  We understand that and have provided a solution so everyone can have access to Biotin.


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MS Biotin Complex: 

MS Biotin Complex is our flagship Biotin multivitamin with our highest grade Biotin - taken 4 times a day mimics current trials. It also has essential B’s, D’s and C vitamins that people with MS often lack.  This is our best value product if you are currently taking other vitamins as they won’t be needed.




MS Biotin Boost: 

MS Biotin Boost is Pure Biotin, ideally taken 3 times per day to mimic current trials.  It contains our highest grade of Biotin.





MS High Biotin: 

MS High Biotin is standard pharmaceutical grade Biotin and the cheapest Biotin we supply.  It is the cheapest Biotin available online so all MS’ers can afford it if they can’t afford the top-quality Biotin.  We introduced this product as we wanted all MS’ers to be able to have access to Biotin at the best price.  If you are paying more than this, you are paying too much for your biotin. 




This is for those with delicate tummies. Many autoimmune diseases including MS are now being linked to intestinal issues. This product includes high dose Biotin with probiotics that help to maintain good gut bacteria. 





So what makes the Complex and Boost a higher grade and a higher price? 

The way the Complex and Boost products are produced to ensure a higher grade (and consequently the higher price).  We use the highest grade pharmaceutical Biotin and we have it specially processed to enable easier absorption in the gut, at the higher dosage. 

We buy from a reputable and trusted supplier who has been vetted.  We then retest the Biotin at an independent laboratory and ‘refine’ it to mimic the current trials to make it ready for the body to absorb.  We manufacture our product ourselves in NZ in a state of the art facility, giving us total control and peace of mind of our brands quality. We supply all our Biotin in time-release capsules, again mimicking the current trials.  This means the biotin gets delivered to the right place in the body and is not excreted before it can start working. We are the only supplier that increases the potency of the Biotin and its delivery method to the body.


Does this work? 

Our customers say YES, many of our customers have tried other suppliers and purchased cheap biotin.  They come back to Multiplesupplements.com and repurchase.

MS Biotin Complex is always my first recommendation as it gives you the best value.  I use this and have for the last 5 years.  It works fast and well for me.  I see the effects easily in less than a week, this is not the case for all our customers.  Symptoms that it helps with personally include; fatigue, bladder control, vision, memory, numbness, and walking ability.

Please contact me directly if you have any other questions and check out my blog on COA which directly relates to Biotin quality. https://multiplesupplements.com/blogs/news/what-is-a-coa-and-how-should-it-impact-the-biotin-we-are-bu


Stay strong


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hello, I’ve been suffering from MS for about 23 years, My question is, I live in the Republic of Turkey, I’m thinking of buying your MS kit. Will the products pass through customs in my country? thanks


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