To D or not to D

To D or not to D

Vitamin D, how important is it and how much?

Most of the Vitamin D in our bodies is made by our skins exposure to sunlight (UltraViolet B).  Vitamin D has long been thought an important indicator/trigger for MS. The further you live from the equator (less sun exposure) the more likely you are to get MS.

Today studies/trails are going on all over the world into the effect Vitamin D has on MS.

Two main forms for Dietary Supplements are D2 and D3.  D3 (cholecalciferol) is the most biologically effective form.

MS experts suggest 10000 IU of Vitamin D/day for MSers and 5000/day for family members. If you get 10-15 minutes of full body sun/day you are probably getting close this this. But most of us need supplements to top it up.

Get your blood D levels tested 4 times a year. Middle of each season to see how much you need to top it up by.  MSers are aiming for 150-200nmol/L (60-80ng/mL in the USA).

My levels were low, even though I was getting quite a lot of sun and supplementing with 6000IU from our MS-Biotin Complex (below 150). Doctor gave me a 50000 IU pill to get my levels up. Now they are a little over 200 so plan the get retested in another few weeks to see how my levels have settled down after the mega dose I took.



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