MS Combo

MS Combo

$128.41 NZD

Need the best supplements for Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?

To make it easy! If you take no other supplements take these two:

The BIOTIN COMPLEX is a multivitamin complex with extra Biotin (Vitamin B7, sometimes referred to as Vitamin H) and extra Vitamin D3 with various other elements aimed at helping to strengthen the nervous system.

The PROBIOTIC is a combination of good bacteria aimed at strengthening the intestinal and immune systems.

Order the MS Combo from today. Just head to the Add to Cart button on this page.

Each bottle gives you one month’s supply. Buy this combination and get it at 10% less than buying individually.

We are also now using Delayed Release (DR) capsules on our Biotin products to maximise availability.

Not sure which vitamins for Multiple Sclerosis to select? can help you with your supplements for MS needs. Call us on +64 21 987678 or email

ACHTUNG: Deutsche Kunden. Hochfeste Biotinkapseln können nicht mehr einzeln nach Deutschland importiert werden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, um herauszufinden, wie Sie unsere Biotin-Produkte in Deutschland erhalten können. mailen Sie uns:

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